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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Flip Side-Realization I Don't Have Bionic Eyes

My son, if your heart is wise, My heart will rejoice-indeed, I myself; Yes, my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak right things. Proverbs 23:15-16 NKJV

I was sleeping in a recliner in the front room of family. That was because my broken heel kept me from being able to climb back up the stairs to the bedroom my family had planned on us using while we were visiting, until my somersault act on the stairs and my temporary cast!

I didn't want to disturb anyone as I hobbled to the bathroom at night. I didn't turn on the front room light, although I had been encouraged to do so. I thought I could see well enough with the night lights in the hallway to make it to the bathroom.

Earlier in the evening, I had shared the profound advice 
I had gotten about throw rugs. Did I listen to my own advice? I wish I could say otherwise, but I didn't. Not only had I not turned on the front room light to see clearly, but in heading to the bathroom, I got the walker part way on top of the throw rugs and then tried to lean back and pick up the gloves. Not only did I forget that I didn't have Bionic Eyes to see in dark, but I also forgot I'm not a human pretzel either!

You guessed it! I landed on the floor in a heap! I was very blessed that I didn't do any further damage to my heel. I was just pretty shaken up! I have learned my lesson! I always turn the light on when I'm heading to the bathroom in the night. I think that sometimes I'm stubborn and don't always listen to the lessons God has for me until He opens my reluctant eyes!

Since these are examples of how I've applied these Bible verses to my experience, they may not reflect the whole meaning of the verse.

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By: Northwestern Medicine via You Tube

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