The Last Post

I felt led to start this blog to help others as they choose to help their loved ones, family members or others through this sometimes difficult journey. As A Christian Caregiver, I tried to share the good and the bad. But more than that, I tried to show that when we focus on the instincts that Christ gives us during these times, He is right there with us and gets us through these times.

I have written throughout the five plus years that I oversaw my dad's care. Some of it was it was here, in our home, but because of his health conditions, the doctors felt it was important for him to be in facilities that could better provide the medical treatment he needed. I still oversaw Dad's medical care, best I could. When I didn't know what to do, I just prayed my way through!

Dad has passed some time ago, but I've written about some of the ups and downs and memories of that. The other day, when I was updating some of the other Christian blogs I have felt led to create, I saw that there was only one post about Dad still scheduled to come out today. I felt that I had to get on the site, and although I hadn't really planned for it to be the last post, I have to listen to the instincts that Christ gives me that it should be the last. This is very difficult for me, because it feels like I am giving up a piece of the connection with my dad. As long as I continued to do posts on A Christian Caregiver, it was like Dad was still an active part of my life, even though he's passed away. When I got on this blog today, I didn't really plan for this to be the last post, but realize it is supposed to be. Please feel free to get on Best of a Christian Caregiver to get moral support, tips, and YouTube care giving video tips at Best of A Christian Caregiver.

Since I have soooo many different posts for this blog and have left a multitude of links on Best of A Christian Caregiver, I have felt led to do Biblical Research to see if there really are inconsistencies in the Bible and if so, are they even significant? You can find the results of these Biblical Research Projects on either of these two blogs I felt led to create: Biblical Proof! at  and Do Biblical Inconsistencies Really Matter? at  Please share these blog links with those who might benefit. Thanks! Debbie

Always Check with a Doctor before Implementing the Suggestions in a Video!
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